Stand-out Brands
for Coaches

Soloboss is committed to helping coaches build a solid foundation for their business and translating that into beautiful brand identities.

Meet Sara

Your go-to soloboss for all things branding

I decided to start Soloboss Design Co so I could do the work I love and do it for people making a difference. After working with a coach myself, I saw how beneficial this type of work is and knew coaches were the type of people I wanted to work with.

I love getting to solve problems in creative ways and building with a purpose. I can’t wait to use this passion to help you build a thriving coaching business that lets you live the life you want - whether that means traveling the world or giving you more time with family.

Soloboss Philosophy

icon representing the concept that solo does not mean alone

solo ≠ Alone

Entrepreneurship can feel isolating, but it shouldn’t. I’m all about working together and providing as much support and value as possible. We’re in this together.

Icon representing the concept of "purpose driven creativity"

Purpose-driven Creativity

I love getting to be creative. But what really gets me excited is the intersection of outside-the-box thinking and strategy. I don’t do pretty for the sake of pretty.

icon of two noise makers to represent "celebrating"


Going out on your own is incredible. You pour your energy into your business every day and I’m so excited to be along this ride with you. So, let’s celebrate the wins - big or small.

Icon of stacked rectangles representing "foundations that last"

Foundations that last

Building a brand takes dedication and hard work. I believe that creating a solid foundation sets you up for success in the long run. No get rich quick vibes here.


How to Create a Magnetic Brand

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