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Soloboss is obsessed with supporting entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their business so they can live life on their terms.
(so lo boss) noun
a badass, legacy-building, break-the-mold entrepreneur who knows building a business solo doesn’t mean they have to go it alone
*if that sounds like you, welcome home*
Sara, owner of soloboss design co in Cappadocia Turkey
Sara, owner of soloboss design co at Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia
Sara, owner of soloboss design co at Rainbow Mountain in Cusco Peru
Sara, owner of soloboss design co on Cotopaxi in Ecuador

Meet Sara

Your go-to soloboss for all things branding

I fucking love doing this work. I get to be myself (strategic + creative), live anywhere in the world, and build a life that’s on my terms  - all while helping others create the same for themselves.

There’s something special about getting to listen to people’s stories, feel their passion for what they do, and then help them share it with the world. Ultimately allowing them to impact more lives, increase their income, and live life according to their vision.

This is what harnessing the power of brand has given me, and I can’t wait to help you do the same.

soloboss philosophy

solo ≠ Alone

Entrepreneurship can feel lonely AF sometimes - but there’s no need to feel like you’re alone on an island. When you’re in my world I got your back.

Own your sh*t

Good and bad. I own the value and expertise I bring to the table but I’m not too proud to admit when something goes wrong. The key is working towards a solution.

Purpose-driven Creativity

I like getting to be creative - it’s fun. But I love creativity that supports the longevity of your brand + income - aka I don’t do pretty for the sake of pretty.


You can forget about any “get rich” promises. I’m much more interested in supporting long-term, sustainable, legacy-building moves that make dreamy visions a reality.

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