20 Value Post Ideas for Health + Fitness Coaches

Crating content online can feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of content to share, and one of the most important is value conatent. As you build your authority and warm up your audience, value content should be your bread and butter. When you lead with value, your audience will start to see you as THE person to go to for solving their problem(s). The key is ensuring these value posts speak to the person you want to work with and aren’t dull, generic posts. 

There are 4 different value content types - “How To’s,” “Steal My,” Listicles, and Don’ts/myths/mistake busting. Below are some examples of these value content types you can use today to attract your dream clients. It’s important to remember that these are STARTING POINTS. Make sure to customize them to fit your brand and what your audience is craving - I’ve shared some examples of what this looks like at the end.


  • Set up a squat rack
  • Target your glutes in a step up
  • Keep a workout routine while traveling
  • Master pull-ups
  • Feel confident at the gym


  • Night routine for better sleep
  • Fav booty workout
  • Go-to post-workout snacks
  • The workout I did today
  • Do anywhere ab workout


  • 4 stretches to strengthen your hip-flexors
  • 10 high-protein breakfast ideas
  • 5 ways to do cardio that doesn’t involve running
  • 5 exercises for a stronger back
  • 15 ways to drink more water


  • The dos and don’ts of building a workout routine
  • Common form mistakes and how to fix them
  • The biggest breakfast myths keeping you from building muscle
  • Pre-workout foods to avoid
  • Stop doing this if you want to tone your arms

Now that you have a bunch of ideas to build off of, it’s time to customize them to your brand. Here are some examples of how I would customize these:


Target Audience: Digital Nomads

10 high-protein breakfast ideas 10 grab + go high protein breakfasts perfect for long travel days


Target Audience: New Moms

How to feel confident at the gym → How to feel confident at the gym post-pregnancy 


Target audience: Female entrepreneurs, summertime

Steal my fav booty workout → Steal my favorite bikini-ready booty workout you can do before your 8 am client call.

Again, these content ideas are a starting point. Have fun with it and find ways to pack so much value into them that people feel they should have paid for it.

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