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Highlight your uniqueness + attract your tribe

“The online space is oversaturated!” I’m sorry. WHAT!?
I know it feels like a crowded subway out there, and you’re fighting your way to get noticed by your dream clients. Your DIY branding has served you well, but another template or pre-designed logo won’t take you to the next level. It won't help you stand out. And it certainly won’t empower you to multiple 6-figures and beyond.
Let’s dig into what you really need; a scroll-stopping brand that's true to you, highlights your unique approach, and resonates with your dream clients.
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the process

vision focused + built to last

1. discovery

First, let's get on the same page. I’m here to help you solve your problems and determine the course of action that is best for you.

2. Strategy

This is where we roll up our sleeves and really get to work. I’ll get to know your business and customers inside and out.

3. design

Sit back and chill. I’ll do my thing and transform all we talked about into visuals that reinforce the strategy we covered.

4. build

Time to implement and create a cohesive brand that not only attracts your dream clients but turns them into life-long fans.

Customized + DFY

Your project will be unique to you - not pre-made, not copied. Completely custom. You're an expert at what you do and I'm an expert at amplifying your brand to its full potential. Let's get to work.

the Vibe

look good. feel good. make bank
You and I both know you’re bomb AF at what you do; now your visuals get to match. No more hours spent in Canva searching for the right font or wondering if your color palette highlights how dope you are.

The Vibe is the perfect brand starter kit that gives you exactly what you need to stand out and be irresistible online.

Nail down the look and feel of your brand

✅ Confidently show up online

✅ And stop letting design be a distraction from building your business.
What's Included
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that b**** VIP Weeks

Let's get shit done and make it fine as hell
Starting at $2700
You know that project you’ve been dreaming of that needs branding or design to make it next-level incredible?

Or maybe you just had the most insane idea for an offer and want the visuals to amplify the f*** out of it.

Girl, let’s strike while that spark is alive and get this shit done. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for speed. With VIP weeks, your branding and design tasks will be off your plate, so you can focus on being the bad b**** you are.
How it works
WHat can we do in a week?
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f***ing iconic

show-stopping design that actually works
Starting at $4500
Oo, I see you, girl; you’re ready to go ALLL the way in on your brand. And not some surface-level shit, either. You’re a legacy-building full-on baddie looking to create more space and time in your business - and build an iconic brand that extends beyond the IG feed. Let's build you your dream online presence:

✅ In-depth brand strategy to help you scale and share your business with ease

✅ Stunning visuals strategically built to connect with and attract your dream clients

✅ And never wonder again if what you're sharing online truly represents the magic you deliver
What's Included
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Why do you only show 1 concept?
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Why VIP Week and not VIP Day?
What's the difference between a VIP week + f***ing Iconic?
How do payments work?
Can I just get logo design?
What if I need something not shown in the packages?
Do you do smaller projects?

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