Branding Design Checklist

Your branding design has the potential to be a client-attracting asset for your coaching business. To do that though you'll want to make sure your brand identity includes the right kind of design assets. Use the list below as a guideline for your own branding design

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Brand Identity Assets for Client-Attracting Branding:

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Logo Marks
  • Pattern
  • Icons/graphic style
  • Photography style
  • Color Palette + Color Usage
  • Font System
  • Music/Sound direction

And most importantly...

How all these assets work together

All of the individual assets should work in harmony to

✅reinforce your core brand messaging

✅ highlight the experience you provide

✅ showcase your personality

✅ separate you from the sea of sameness in your industry

✅ be a beacon that calls in the right buyers

Otherwise you don’t have a brand identity that’s a client attracting asset, you have a bunch or random graphics creating confusion

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