How to take the guesswork out of brand color selection

One of the most common questions I get as a brand and web designer for personal brands is, "How do I select my brand colors?". I use a few different tools to help determine a color palette that will suit a brand best (you can check out 4 of my favorite here), but understanding basic color theory makes the whole process simple. If you know these 7 different color combinations, you can take the guesswork out of selecting the right brand colors.

#1 Complimentary | 2 Colors across from each other

#2 Split Complimentary | 1 color plus the 2 next to it’s complementary color

#3 Triadic | 3 colors, 3 in-between

#4 Analogous | 3 colors next to each other

#5 Tetradic | 4 colors, use a rectangle as a guide

#6 Square | 4 colors, 2 colors apart, use a square as a guide

#7 Monochromatic | 1 color, different values

Why is this so important? Color increases brand awareness by 80%!! So the last thing you want to do is decrease your brand’s visibility because you selected colors that won’t enhance your message. 

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