coach tiffany taylor

When Tiffany reached out, she already had established a strong online presence and a multi-six-figure brand. While she had become known for her signature blue, her brand's look and feel never matched her energy or the quality she delivered. Tiffany was expanding her online presence to YouTube, more focused PR efforts, and knew her business was ready to explode. The only thing missing was brand visuals to propel her there.

what we created

  • A color palette that complimented her signature color. This allowed her signature color to still be a main focus since she was already recognized for it

  • A customizable logo template for her signature offer and offers in the future.

  • Guidelines and support for implementing her new branding to ensure consistency across all platforms

  • Custom branding assets she can trademark that amplify her existing multi-6-figure brand and will match the 7-figure brand she’s building.

By the end of our time together she had branding that captured her bold, welcoming energy, while also highlighting her professionalism - the perfect match to attract her ideal clients.


that b**** brand design
sales page design
Coach Tiffany Taylor Mood board by Soloboss design co
“I love my branding. Thank you so much for everything!”
Workbook mockup for a business coach by soloboss design co
Coach Tiffany Taylor Branding by Soloboss Design Co
Brand guidelines for an online business coach by soloboss design co
“I wasn’t sure at first about adding another blue into the color palette, but it compliments my signature blue so well - it’s perfect!”
Business card design for Coach Tiffany Taylor by Soloboss Design Co
“OMG - I just saw [the sales page mockup], and IT’S SO SEXY”

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