Chakra Codes

Jenna is an incredible transformational guide who developed Chakra codes, a unique system based on the Chakras to help people find alignment and fulfillment. However, she didn't know how to express this to her ideal clients, and even the thought of social media was overwhelming. How could she make the impact clear? How could she position this new business in a way that embraced the mystical aspects while highlighting the practical advice it provides? What kind of messaging and visuals could capture that unique energy? And was there a way to make social media less time-consuming and exhausting?

what we created

  • Got clear on her big-picture vision so that when we developed her positioning, it would not only support her now but 10+ years from now

  • Developed a clear picture of who her ideal audience is, allowing us to craft core messaging that speaks directly to them

  • Brand design that captures the essence of what Chakra Codes is all about and guidelines and templates to make implementation simple

  • Additional guidance on how to implement her brand and create a system for social media content that took her content creation from hours to minutes.

Now, Jenna has branding as unique as the business she created, the clarity on her messaging to call in her dream clients, and the confidence to share it online.


that b**** brand design
Chakra Codes brand guidelines by soloboss design co
I had so many ways to describe what I did and so many ideas of how I wanted to visually show up it was overwhelming to narrow it down into one sentence or feeling. After hiring Sara I knew I made the right choice because she listened intently and was able to translate my billions of thoughts and ideas into simple and clear messaging that completely encapsulated my plethora of ideas. Sara truly wanted to understand me and my service inside and out.
Tarot card mockup for Chakra Codes
Facebook page mockup for Chakra Codes by soloboss design co
Woman looking out and an explanation of chakra codes
Seeing my moodboard was such a surprise. I had no idea what the purpose of a moodboard is or what to expect but when I saw the moodboard Sara created for my brand I almost cried. I don't know how she did it but she took everything I told her and put it into a stunning visual that completely encapsulated my business! With my moodboard I was able to see the direction of where I was going and how my clients would feel when working with me and it was so exciting to experience!
chakra codes main logo with a woman looking out into a jungle
As an entrepreneur, I find myself investing a lot of money and time upfront without much return in the beginning. This is always scary and I've had experiences where I've hired the wrong help. But with Sara those fears immediately went away as her professionalism and talent delivered beyond my expectations! Investing in her services was a no-brainer and truly priceless.

Now it's your turn.