You’re Glinda, not Dorothy: How to tell your brand’s story.

Storytelling is one of the best tools you have at your disposal for stopping the scroll. The question is are you telling the right story in a way that will convert your audience? Enter your Brand Story. Your brand story is not your why (there’s a different time and place for that!). 

A brand story is a crazy powerful tool that makes marketing your business 10x easier and your messaging 100x more magnetic. It follows the classic “hero’s journey” framework, but you aren’t the hero. Instead, you are the guide - the Glinda, the Yoda, the Dumbledore - you get it.

Knowing why you started your business may be interesting, but it should not be at the majority of your messaging. People want to see themselves in the story and feel it is about them - if you’ve placed yourself as the hero, it’s much harder to accomplish this. You want to empathize, but the transformative journey should be theirs. Focus on the role your brand plays in their life instead.

Once you’ve developed your brand story, you’ll be able to write more compelling social captions and even have smoother sales conversations. Instead of focusing on what you do and who you are, you’ll be putting the spotlight on your ideal client and highlighting the transformation they can have.

Next Steps: 

Look back at your recent marketing - whose story are you telling? Are you empathizing, or have you placed yourself as the hero? If you’ve found gaps in your storytelling, try re-writing one of your captions by placing your ideal client as the hero. Get comfortable with this style and test it out on your next social post.

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