Your Brand is Worth More than your Business

I hear it so often - “Don’t worry about branding.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you 100% need to consider your brand as you build your coaching business. A brand is all about how you make people feel, so even if you didn’t intentionally work on your brand, every time someone interacts with you, one of your freebies, or sees your latest IG post, they’re forming opinions. Therefore your brand is building. The hard truth is, if you’re not intentionally crafting your brand, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Apple is a great example - if they didn’t put energy into developing the brand, they would be leaving billions of dollars on the table. Apple’s brand is worth $322,999 Million. There are plenty of alternatives to Apple products - some are more affordable and even more technologically advanced. Yet, people still choose Apple over its competitors. Why? Apple has developed a brand that people trust and enjoy. Their audience knows what to expect from them and are fans of the experience of the company. 

Now, I know you’re not a massive company like Apple (yet!), but the same principles apply to the coaching industry. There are tons of coaches out there. And the truth is the principles and methods coaches use aren’t terribly different from each other. How you connect with your audience and make them feel is the real reason they will buy from you. 

Everything from your values to your color palette will influence the feeling your audience gets when they interact with your brand. If you’re not intentionally building it, it’s a major missed opportunity, and you’ll be losing out on potential clients.

So with that in mind, how to do you ensure you're utilizing branding to your brand's advantage? First, define it! This may seem simple but this step is typically skipped or glossed over. Create standards and guidance on everything from the words you use to the fonts on your website. Once you've defined it start to implement it everywhere you show up. This will ensure consistency and ultimately lead to powerful brand recall.

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