Why Brand Inconsistency Will Cost You Clients (and how to fix it)

As you build your coaching business to those sought-after 10K+ months, consistency is going to be your best friend. There are two parts to this - consistently showing up and doing it in a consistent way. You need to be doing both to draw people to you. You are trying to build a relationship and trust with your audience - consistency is the piece that will ensure that happens. 

Why does this matter so much? Inconsistency will make it harder for someone to say yes to you because it leads to confusion and distrust. Before someone is willing to invest in your latest program or 1:1 offering, they need to know what you’re about and have trust in the quality that will be delivered. The more obvious you make it for someone to come to you for a specific issue, the easier it will be to make the sale. 

So how can you fix it?

1. Clearly define who you are + what matters to you. 

Use these as a guide for how you operate and show up. If you’re unsure if something is aligned, refer back to these core principles. 

2. Create a Communication Guide

Having a paragraph as a core message will only get you so far. Instead, create a framework that will help you talk about your services on a deeper level and tap into things like your beliefs, the value your services provide, and much more. 

3. Make sure your visuals match your energy.

We are visual beings, and images play a significant role in first impressions. Ensure that your fonts, colors, imagery, and everything else visual are in line with your uniqueness and energy. D

4. Have brand identity standards

There are so many mediums for you to express your brand - make sure you have clear standards. With a brand guide, you’ll have everything you need to create a consistent look across your social media, website, workbooks, courses, and more. 

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