What is a Brand? (and Why Your Coaching Business Needs One)

People often talk about “building a brand” or “keeping things on brand,” but what does that actually mean? According to Marty Neumeier, “A Brand is the gut feeling a person gets from a product, service, or company. A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is”. That means that a brand forms from every interaction a client or potential client has with your business. You can positively influence these interactions by strategically developing the different components of a brand.

Brand Components

The components that make up a brand fit into two categories - the Brand Strategy and the Brand Expression. Brand Strategy consists of your internal branding and positioning. Brand Expression includes your brand's character, verbal expression, and last but not least, your visual expression. From the diagram below, you can see how all of these come together to build a brand. You'll also notice that while things like your logo, fonts, and colors are significant, they only scratch the surface on the power a brand holds.

Graphic displaying the different pieces of a brand
Brand Anatomy

Why do you need all of this for your coaching business? 

Whether you are the face of your business or you are launching a new course, a strategically designed brand is a client-winning asset for your business. Back in 2019, there were estimated to be 5million+ coaches worldwide, and the industry has only grown since then. A strategically built brand allows you to separate yourself from that sea of competition and reach your ideal clients. Every piece of a brand is an opportunity for you to communicate what you do and why it matters. By defining each element of a brand, you get more clear on the what and why of your business. That makes it more obvious to your ideal clients and easier for them to say yes to your offerings. Branding helps eliminate the risk of not knowing what you’re going to get from a service - the company’s core values, messaging, visuals, and more are already telling you! When everything is working together, you will create a thriving coaching business built on trust and authority. And that means glowing reviews, strong referrals, and repeat customers.

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