Uncovering My Own Aliveness: A Chat with Makena Sage

Uncovering My Own Aliveness (And How It Helped Me Build a Multiple 6-Figure Business): A Chat with Makena Sage

Do you know what lights you up? Do you know your true potential? Do you know how to use that to create a thriving business? These are what business coach Makena Sage helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and other leaders with every day. She has been running a successful multi-6 figure coaching business with her mother, Gigi, for the past three years. The two work together to help others “Follow their Aliveness” so that they can not only create a sustainable business that changes lives – but also transform their own lives in the process! 

This journey didn’t happen overnight, though, and Makena faced some challenges along the way. During our conversation, she opened up about her own transformational journey and shared some powerful advice for anyone looking to start their own coaching business. 

“There was always this nagging whisper I could be doing more...”

Before Makena stepped into coaching, she ran a digital marketing agency for six years. Throughout that time, she helped other coaches, authors and experts build their businesses online. However, after about three years,  she started to hear a “nagging whisper” that she was meant for more. 

At first, instead of listening to that inner voice, she continued with her marketing business – she had the freedom she wanted and was making good money after all. But soon, this caught up with her, and her body started to respond: 

“I ended up having a lot of health issues, anxiety, and eventually full-on panic attacks. All of these were signs that my body was trying to get my attention and tell me, ‘‘Hey, something needs to change here.’ So even though I had a lot of things going for me in my life, when I tried to ignore it, that whisper eventually became a roar.” 

“It scared the heck out of me, but I knew I needed to do this, no matter what.”

With no real plan, Makena decided to take the first steps into coaching and put herself out there. Unfortunately, after about a year of trying to make things work, she was left with only one underpaying, uncommitted client. “I had to go back to my marketing business with my tail between my legs. My confidence was shaken.”

She soon realized, though, that going back wasn’t the answer, and her previous health issues weren’t going to magically disappear. She reached out to other coaches to help, but all the coaching she received was too focused on linear strategies – instead of tapping into her passions and what truly “lit her up.”. As a result, she felt stuck and confused. 

Ultimately, her mom, who has been in the coaching industry for 35 years, stepped in. “She guided me through this experience, and I didn’t even realize she was doing it! She led me through her coaching method, which actually isn’t about the mind. It’s about tapping into your desire and aliveness to discover what’s truly aligned for you. At that moment, I saw my life stretch out in front of me – and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.” 

This was the clarity Makena needed. She knew that she would deeply regret it if she didn’t move forward and would probably only continue to get sick. “It scared the heck out of me, but I knew I had to do this, no matter what.”

“I was able to replace my 6-figure+ income in 8 months.” 

Over the next eight months, Makena started to transition into coaching and truly unlock her own aliveness. “Instead of trying to ‘leap,’ which I had not been successful doing before, my mentor coached me to make it a transition. To take one step at a time and grow my coaching business on the side while I was still running my marketing company. It took me about eight months to transition fully.” 

In that time, she faced all of the classic doubts entrepreneurs face. “I didn’t want to put myself out there online; I thought everyone else was doing it already; what did I actually have to share?” Her mentor, though, wouldn’t let her get in her own way. Instead, she held her accountable to her dreams. She taught her powerful processes like the “Pattern-Interrupt Process” and the “Self-Doubt Switch” that Makena now teaches others in their 9-month certification program. By tapping into her aliveness and stepping into work she loves, Makena’s panic attacks went away – and within eight months, she was able to replace her 6-figure income. In 18 months, she reached multiple six figures.

“Our work is about helping others tap into their aliveness.” 

Makena says three things made the difference for her that all entrepreneurs need. Clarity, the right kind of support, and a proven method. This is precisely what she and her mom have worked together to give to other coaches. 

“The first piece is getting clarity on your vision – allowing yourself to dream. The second part is the support – having people there who see your gifts, see your brilliance, and will hold you accountable to your dreams. And third, you need a proven method for how to work with people, so you aren’t just ‘winging it’ and hoping you can transform lives. You can actually feel 100% confident in your ability and have such an amazing success rate that clients sign on again and again and tell all their friends about you! 

Empowering people with the skills to change lives while transforming their own life in the process is at the heart of what Makena and Gigi help people do in their  Coaching Certification program. It’s a 9-month transformative experience where students gain coaching mastery – and gain the clarity & confidence to pursue their dreams – just as Makena did.

“I’m a big advocate of people finding coaches and mentors. However, I always encourage people to make sure you aren’t just getting a bunch of advice, strategies, and “tactics” to do. Great coaches help you tap into your deepest desires, and bring more of your true self out, so you can become the person you were always meant to be and make the contribution you’re here to make. 

“Coaching is the way of the future.”

Makena fully believes and sees coaching as the way of the future. The skillset can be applied across industries and improve people’s everyday lives. 

“This industry is going to continue to grow like crazy. While technology makes information more readily available, transformation is a very different thing. What won’t be replaced anytime soon by computers are human skills. I believe these types of skills are going to become more and more needed and continue to expand both within and beyond the coaching industry – into organizations, leadership, and even families.”

If you’re ready to make an impact and improve your skills, Makena’s next certification program starts in September. Click here to learn more and apply.

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