Three Methods for Picking Your Ideal Client

Getting really clear on who your ideal client is is a crucial step in building a brand and business. Before you can set out defining what that looks like, you first have to pick who you want that to be. Sometimes this can feel overwhelming and can be hard to know where to start. If when you’ve been asked who your ideal client is and you’re drawing a blank, use the prompts and techniques below to get started. 

Method One: Favorite Client

If you’ve already been coaching for a bit and have had a few clients who was your favorite to work with and why? The key here is the why. What about them made it enjoyable to work with?  

Method Two: Your Past Self

Imagine where you were 5-7 years ago (before you have the knowledge you have now). What were the struggles you were facing? 

Method Three: Start big, go Small

What is the general group you would like to work with - entrepreneurs? Teachers? Coaches? Mothers? Next, start to narrow down that group. This could be how long they’ve been in business, gender, lifestyle. Finally, pick some qualifiers to work with you - do you want to only work with those that are spiritual? Passionate? Do they want to be collaborative or just done for them? 

These are some tools to use if you’re feeling stuck on picking your dream clients. Once you’ve picked who that is, you’re ready to define all of the nitty-gritty details of who they are and take your business to the next level.

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