The Timeline behind a 17K sales day + a projected 70-100K/year partnership

I know follow up can be a touchy subject, so I wanted to share how I did consistent follow-up with a potential partner to make this all happen. Would I follow up with a potential client this much? Probably not (which is a whole other post). But take note of the space I gave and how I got the green light to follow up. 

Oh, and I share some more details on this 17K day in this post


May 2022: I replied to a post requesting to chat with brand strategists that work with personal brands. The person replied by saying they are a marketing agency looking to offer  brand strategy for their clients, and we hopped on a call. I then sent them a quote.

Mid-June 2022: I hadn't heard anything back from them after I sent the quote, so I just sent a message to follow up. He said they had some clients In the pipeline and would let me know when things were official.

Messages detailing exchange

September 2022: I hadn't heard anything, so I decided to reach back out. He replied, saying they actually just closed a client and would love to continue the conversation we first had. I had to follow up one more time, and then we were able to get something on the calendar for October.

Mid-October 2022: We had a call and, for most of the month, a bunch of back and forth to finalize the quote/get on the same page regarding expectations (Working with someone in this way was something new for both of us)

Nov 2022: Contract signed and invoice paid.

Early Jan 2023: The project wrapped up, + we had a wrap-up call to go over how the project went.

They loved how the project went and really wanted to continue to build the relationship by having me do more each project, and their goal is to have a brand strategy client every month.

This first project was $4750, and the new project price is now $5950, with the potential to increase more if they decide to add brand design. They are also planning workshops they want me to support them with. 

This is why I’m projecting this to bring in 70-100K for me this year.

Mid-Jan: Get a message from them that they just closed 3 clients and have 2 more that they are waiting to hear from that they want me to do. 17,850 in sales In one day.


  • This is sales, NOT cash. I'm finishing up 2 of the projects now and will collect that money by the end of March 2023, but the 3rd hasn't been scheduled yet.
  • Also that 70-100K is what I'm projecting. I don't have contracts for that (yet)
  • I know people like to make It seem like clients fall from the sky - and it can feel that way - but BRAND CONSISTENCY IS QUEEN
  • Don't get so caught up in attracting new clients that you neglect the people already in your world. Deliver on your brand promises + build real relationships

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