The Stages of Building Your Coaching Brand

Your brand is like your reputation. As soon as you have a coaching business, you should care about it.  It will build and grow over time, but the sooner you take it seriously, the sooner it will be an asset. Below is a breakdown of the seven stages of building your coaching brand.

Stage 1 - Testing and Discovery: You’ve just started your coaching business, have defined your niche, and you’re starting to have beta clients to gain testimonials. In this stage, note who has been your favorite person to work with and why.

Stage 2 - Narrowing In: You’ve had some clients under your belt now and are getting more clear on what makes you different. As you start to understand what your “special sauce” is, make refinements to your messaging. 

Stage 3 - Growth Spurt: You’ve nailed down your ideal client avatar, your messaging is clear, and you’ve defined your vision and mission. While you’ve been leveling up and gaining clarity, it’s time to bring your brand identity up to speed and match where your business is. 

Stage 4 -  Share it: This is something you’ll always be doing, but once you’ve gained clarity, it’s time to amp it up! Go beyond your IG freed and look for ways to expand your brand’s presence. This could be a website or new social platform, getting on a podcast, or even starting your own!

Stage 5 - Scaling: As you expand your team and step into your CEO role, you’re no longer the only one in control of your coaching brand. Empower your team with a playbook that details everything from your vision to the language and color combinations they should be using. 

Stage 6 - Reflection: Check-in to ensure you’re still aligned with the brand you’re looking to build. Are you living up to your purpose, mission, vision, and values? Is your branding still true to your business?

Stage 7 - Rebrand/Refresh: After you’ve reflected on your brand, it’s time to take appropriate action. Determine if there’s a need for a refresh or if a complete overhaul is required.  

These stages aren’t necessarily linear. So how do you navigate these different stages?

1. Slow and Steady. Move through these stages at a steady pace. If you find yourself in a stage of rebranding or refreshing every few months, you’ll be building a brand associated with confusion and chaotic energy.

2. Stick to your Values. At all stages, stay true to what matters to you and how you want to go about your business. These serve as your brand’s moral compass.

3. Know when to invest. In the early stages of your business, you’re often told to stick to DIY and quick fixes. Recognize when you’ve outgrown those stages, so your brand grows with your business.

4. Reflection is vital. This doesn’t always lead to a major change. It’s a chance, at all stagesStay to be honest with yourself and find ways to improve. You may be on track and just need to find ways to amplify it.

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