The 3 Biggest Website Mistakes Coaches Make

Your website is an amazing brand-building tool. It helps you establish your online presence beyond social media platforms and is something that is completely yours. It can make buying decisions easier and expand your reach. However, If done incorrectly it can also hurt your brand and turn into a complete time-suck. If you’re thinking about building a website for your coaching business make sure to avoid these 3 website building mistakes:

  1. Skipped the first step: You’ve decided to start your coaching business so that means you need to immediately get a website set up...NO! Take a step back and really hone in on building your foundation first. If you don’t have the basics clearly defined, you’ll end up wasting time building a website that has no chance of converting people into clients. Focus on your messaging and the experience you are trying to create first, then you can build out your presence. 

  1. Too Much Text: You have 3 seconds to get someone to stay on your site - don’t waste them by making someone read 3 paragraphs just to find out what you do! As soon as someone lands on your site they should immediately understand who you help and how. People are more likely to skim than read everything, so keep it short, simple, and informative

  1. Self-centered “About Me”: Your story + journey are beautiful. But you don’t need to be sharing your entire life story and resume on your website! Make sure you’re sharing your story in a way that highlights how your experiences have given you a unique perspective, or way of doing things and how that benefits your audience. Also, including this on your homepage is great! Just remember to make it a short intro paragraph and expand on it further on a separate page. Your homepage is precious real estate so stay focused on the action you want someone to take. 

By avoiding these mistakes you'll be on your way to crafting a client-converting website thats an asset for your business and not a distraction.

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