Secrets for 5k sales

My 5K Sales Secrets: How I attract clients that pay me 5k+without sales calls or cold DM outreach

1. CLARITY: on who I am, what my difference is, and how that benefits people in my world.

I own all of these elements and know how to clearly communicate that to someone interested in working together.  

That clarity + confidence gives me direction AND flexibility. I’m able to pinpoint what someone actually needs to reach their goals, present the right container, or create a space that’s the right fit for them. 

2. ATTRACTION GAME PLAN: This is two-fold:

  1. How can I nurture the people already in my world
  2. How can I attract new people into my world

Every day I do something to nurture my existing audience and something to get more visible.


  • Email newsletter (nurture)
  • Blog (nurture) + Pinterest (visibility)
  • Weekly hot seat coaching (nurture)
  • IG collabs + podcasts (visibility)
  • Free mini-course (nurture + visibility)
  • Daily IG content (nurture)
  • Meetups (visibility)

3. SELL...ya you have to actually talk about your offers if you want people to buy

I always focus on:

  • Acknowledging where my ideal client is at
  • Painting a clear picture of what is possible + speaking to their core desires.
  • My difference (go back to #1)
  • Storytelling that highlights my results + my clients

4. MINDSET: My mindset + energy is ON POINT

> I’m not waiting for someone to buy to know how dope an offer is

> I’m not doing things SO someone buys

> I’m sharing my experiences + knowledge because I know it can help people. And if someone resonates with that, FUCKING’s a way to continue the convo

5. CLIENT EXPERIENCE: I pay attention to client experience...

  • How easy is it for someone to get into my world?
  • What is the onboarding process like?
  • The offboarding process? do they have everything they need to succeed?
  • What about BEFORE they become a client - how can I be intentional with my content + ways I’m showing up?

I actually give a fuck about the people I work with. I care more about their experience than the sale. I care more about putting them in the right offer than the most expensive, And I care more about changing their life than my bottom line.

I know that it feels impossible for sales to feel that effortless.

But not only can it, but it also should

It gets to be about you being so freaking pumped about what you have to share bc you know it will change people’s lives.

If you don’t feel that way about what you’re selling

Sales will always feel soul-sucking and icky.

Stop skipping the clarity phase - THAT is the ultimate secret to effortless sales.

And biz you love 

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