How to use your brand to become top of mind‍

What if whenever someone heard of [insert type of coaching/service you provide], they thought of you? That they instantly knew what you were all about:

  • Your business
  • The way you go about it
  • The things you stand for
  • What’s important to you outside of your business

They had a real connection to you and knew how you could help change their life.

That level of memorability and recognition comes with solid branding. If you want to become top of mind and be “the Kleenex of coaches,” these are the brand elements you need to clean up.

#1 How do you want to make people feel?

This is the #1 thing you have to get clear on- it’s at the core of what makes a brand a brand. The job of your branding is to make your answer to this question a reality.

Examples: Unstoppable, Bold + Unapologetic, Creative

#2 Your Core Brand Messaging

What are the things you stand for no matter what? The message(s) you want to be known for?

These aren’t your content pillars (which is something you want to know too). These messages make “how do you want to make people feel” more tangible. These messages get to be infused into your content.

For Example:

Free→ Financial freedom + location independence are powerful (especially for women)

Activated → Beleive + trust in yourself because you are a fu***ing badass

#3 Your Brand Persona

Key elements of your brand persona: 

  • Your tone of voice
  • The unique language you use (emojis and memes are part of this, too!)
  • Personality
  • Opinions + POVs

The trick to cleaning this piece up? Making it as unfiltered and 100% you as possible. No more “online persona” (you’re not giving a presentation to a boardroom of old men). Start speaking like you would if you were at the brunch table with your closest friends. 

#4 Brand Identity (look + feel)

Colors and fonts - at a minimum - should be consistent. The magic starts to happen with the look and feel of your brand, though, when you ahvea full identity that is unique. That means the photography style, the way colors and fonts are used, graphics + patters, logos + marks - the whole shebang - clearly captures the rest of your brand elements 

#5 Your Story

Storytelling is a HUGE brand element - your story is a piece within that. Do people know your journey to starting your business or how you got to where you are? What are the key elements of that story that you really want to be known for? You will 100% feel like you're repeating yourself- but if you want to become top of mind and know, repetition is key.

#6 Personal Elements

Put the personal back in personal brand… your life isn’t just your business. You have people (or pets) in your life you want to know. The random shit you love and shows you watch. Remember, you do not have to share it all, but you do get to have fun with it.

With all of these, be intentional and consistent, and come back to how you want people to feel.

Clean up these foundational elements and then start implementing. That means in your content, your trainings, and everywhere else you show up. Repetition is what makes things stick

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