How to sign your first coaching clients in 90 days

If I had a client who was in the early stages of their coaching business and their goal was to sign their first clients in the next 90 days, I would help them do these 5 things

#1 Build a deep connection to their vision and why
This is what is going to drive you and keep you going no matter the circumstances.
It’s also going to lay the foundation for the type of offers and experiences you create. (if you want a lifestyle that offers more space and freedom, then your offer suite should support that)

#2 Market Research
You have to know your ideal client as well as possible. Specifically what makes them tick and what drives them.
We’d identify if there was more than one dream client, find the common threads, and build each client’s unique buying journey (aka the path to saying yes to you).
I’d also share how to do passive market research, get information GOLD and continuously refine your message.

#3 Create your “category of 1” + mindset work to own it
We have to give your audience a reason to chose you. We’d dig into what makes you unique AF (and trust me there is a LOT) and how that benefits your people. (that’s the transformation you’ll sell btw)
Once we’ve created your category of 1, it’s time to OWN IT. We’d go over and relase any mindset blocks holding you back to ensure you can show up confidently like the bad bitch you are.

#4 Define their core brand messages + share it
How do you want people to feel in your world? What do you want to be known for? What do you stand for/are against?
With clarity on the message, we’d pick 1 platform and start creating consistent content that provides value, activates, and builds a connection. (Prioritizing video)

#5 Build a simple offer suite + sell every day
At the start we got clear on your vision, as well as ALL of the incredible offers you want to create. But we need to hone in on your main offer you’re going to sell everyday.
We’d develop a simple offer suit:

- 1 main offer (mid to high ticket)
- Low-ticket offer as a downsell
- Email list building freebie

When approaching all of these, keep it SIMPLE + be VISION FOCUSED

These steps will help you build authority and trust with your audience and ultimately turn your vision into your reality

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