How to set up your online business to give you more freedom

It's hard to know where to start when you decide to start your own coaching or online service-based business. You’re bombarded with everything you should do (and a million things you should never). It’s easy to get wrapped up in more established coaches shouting, “10k months in 90 days”. But how do you set up your online business for the long run and make sure it fits into the life you want to create? Let’s break down how to set up your business so you can create a life you love. 

Step 1: Get extremely clear on what matters to you and why

Writing out your why, vision, mission, and values is fine - but what is really powerful is truly knowing why those things are important to you. Sharing these with others is a great way to connect and inspire. It’s also vital for guiding how you decide to run your business - what type of offers you should create, the mentors you want to hire, and the clients you want to work with. 

Step 2: Identify what makes someone a dream client and what are red flags

“Ideal Client Avatar (ICA),” “Dream client,” “Soulmate client.” These are all terms used to describe the people you want to be working with on a repeated basis. This is important to know for so many reasons, but when it comes to building a business so you can enjoy your life, it’s essential to understand what your red flags are. What are the things that make someone a headache client? Doing what you love for people you don’t is a fast track to burnout and resentment. 

Step 3: Create your own rules by leaning into who you are. 

If you find yourself trying to fit into a box or be someone else, you will exhaust yourself real quick. Most people want to burn their business to the ground and start all over. You are the boss now, so you get to write the rules - don’t shy away from highlighting your personality and points of view. Not only is it a powerful way to attract dream clients, but you’ll have fun doing it. 

Step 4: Do something you actually give a f*** about and share your stories

If you want to create a business that leaves a legacy of positive impact, you have to care about what you are doing. Showing up every day for something you couldn’t care less about is not going to keep you going when things aren’t perfect. But, sharing your stories and having energy behind what you share is how people will connect with you (and ultimately buy). Your passion has power. 

If you want to build a business that gives you more freedom (however you define that), shift your focus from building a business to creating the life of your dreams. That’s how you’ll end up with a business you don’t need a vacation from.

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