How to generate sales from your content

Your content has the power to turn loyal followers and casual observers into clients. For that to happen you need to stay consistent in creating content. That doesn’t mean you have to post every day, you just need to find a frequency that you can stick to. 

Once you’ve established what will work for you it’s time to start creating. The secret is not in creating for the sake of creating, but in doing it with a purpose. In order for your content to generate sales, you need to Inspire your audience, connect with your audience, provide value, and activate your audience. 

Examples of Inspiring Content

  • Your transformational journey to starting your business
  • Living the results you’ve created to show your audience what is possible
  • Your client’s transformations + results

Examples of Connecting Content

  • Challenges you’re going through that your people can relate to
  • Highlighting your personality 
  • Sharing your day-to-day
  • Sharing your opinions + POVs on what is going on in your industry  

Example of Value Content

  • Entertaining your audience (reels + TikTok are great for this!)
  • Sharing How to’s + strategies so informative someone could get results from implementing them
  • Providing a new perspective that makes your audience think of things differently 

Example of Activating Content

  • Overcoming common objections 
  • Challenging what you see as the thing holding them back 
  • Sharing what things will look like if they don’t make a change + Inviting them into new possibilities 

I recommend rotating through these content types, focusing on value and activating content. I good ratio is:

  • Inspiring: 1-2/week
  • Connecting: 1-2/week 
  • Value: 2-3/week
  • Activating 2-3/week 

Know what isn’t part of this strategy? Selling content! You don’t need to layout your offer and all of the nitty-gritty details. Your content is your opportunity to build the know-like-trust needed to generate sales. When you do this on a consistent basis, you won’t need to have sales calls all the time because clients will be coming to you ready to sign. 

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