How to Craft Brand Values that Connect

As you build your coaching business and brand, connecting with your audience is vital, and sharing your values is a powerful tool to do it. Values showcase how you go about your business and what is truly important to you. 

While words like “honesty” and “integrity” are great, simply stating that you care about them doesn’t build a connection. These are values any corporate company could use - we want yours actually to say something about you! 

To craft values for your brand that serves as a way to connect with your dream clients, you need to infuse your personality and share what those words mean to you and your audience. 

Put your own twist on a word and add a short sentence to expand on what the word means to you.

For example, I really care about providing value, support, + connection. To me, that means that being a solopreneur doesn’t mean going it alone. So instead of saying “Community” as my value, I have it as:

“Solo doesn’t mean alone: Entrepreneurship can feel isolating, but it shouldn’t. I’m all about working together and providing as much support and value as possible. We’re in this together.” 

This says a lot more about who I am and what I’m all about than just one basic word, allowing people to form a connection with it (and, therefore me!). 

Try this exercise to craft brand values that connect:

  1. Brainstorm your values
  2. Look up synonyms and brainstorm different ways to say those values
  3. Add an action-based sentence that describes what the value means to you. 

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