How to Communicate like a Billion-Dollar Brand

As a coach, you’re looking for ways to become top of mind for your audience. Your I help statement is a great start but not exactly the most exciting piece of communication. To truly start to stand out, you need to be leveraging impact communication. 

These all go well beyond the confines of your IG feed. It’s how you talk about your coaching brand on a podcast, introducing yourself while giving a masterclass, or even chatting to someone at a bar on a Saturday night. To become associated and known for something, you need to talk about it and do it consistently.

Large companies like Apple and Nike all utilize impact communication to elevate their brands. The good news is that you don’t have to be a billion-dollar brand to start using the communication strategies. Impact communications are simple ways to become memorable, top of mind, and explain what they’re all about. 

Here are five types of quick-hit communications you can use for your brand

  1. Brand Name - Make a solid first impression, spark interest, and set the tone
  2. Tagline - This is NOT an “I help” statement. It’s a short text which serves to clarify a thought
  3. Hook - Someone asks you on a night out what you do. Explain it in 1 sentence
  4. Into - Who are you, who you help, what’s the transformation, and how do you operate? Say it in 3-4 sentences 
  5. Brand identity - Yup, design is a communication tool

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