How to brand your offers to sell effortlessly

Is your offer branding sharing the right message? (and I don't just mean an end transformation statement)

When I say “Offer branding,” I’m talking about the foundational elements of your offer - the things you have in place before you start marketing + selling it.

Yes, your transformation statement is a part of your offer to branding, but it is NOT the entire thing.

But let’s look at it first, anyways

  • The end transformation statement...
  • Does your personality ooze out of it, or does it sound like an AI robot wrote it?
  • Is it as clear and concise as possible? Or does it sound like you are a bit unsure why this offer is amazing?
  • Is it speaking to your audience's desires in terms they would relate to? Or are you too attached to industry terms?

**Apply these same questions to your module/section titles**

Offer Name

  • Does it capture the essence and energy behind the offer?
  • Is it clear what the offer is all about?
  • Does it fit with how you name your other offers? (aka, is it on-brand!?)
  • Offer names don’t always have to be short, sweet, and punchy. But they need to communicate what the offer is all about and set the vibe of the container.

>> This + the end transformation lets your audience know if the offer helps them with what they need + reinforces the vibe. <<


  • Do you even have positioning? Aka, are you crystal clear on how/why this offer is different than what is already out there?
  • Who is this offer for + why?
  • What is unique/different about your approach and/or logistics? Why does that matter?

>> This messaging lets your audience know why this offer is meant for them vs. the thousands of others they could be investing in that teach the same thing. <<

Logistics + Pricing

  • Don’t just say that it’s a “group program” or “mastermind” or that it’s 3 weeks... share why you structured the offer the way you did + how that benefits your audience.
  • Pricing (a sticky subject and deserves its own post), but consider how it compares to your other offers and what it says about the proximity to you.

>> This messaging lets your audience know what the experience will be like. Is it exclusive + luxurious? Is it affordable but potent? Is there a lot of 1-1 support? <<


  • Do these capture the energy + vibe of your offer? Or was it just a template you found in Canva?
  • Are they on-brand? Or did you just copy the style from another coach?

>> This is the first message people absorb. Make sure it lands the right impression  + captures the rest of your offer branding. <<

Your Energy

  • Ok, so this is more mindset than offer branding - but without it, your offer branding is probably going to suck.
  • Why did you want to create this offer in the first place? Bc your coach told you or because you’re fucking excited to share it!?
  • Why are you in love with it?

>> This is what will be infused into your offer branding. If you have energy behind your offer, others will feel that + will ensure your message lands. <<

Warning: working on your offer branding may cause joy, excitement, and ease during a launch

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