How to attract dream clients with your brand identity

Design is one of the best tools to start having clients come to you. It can separate you from the competition immediately and become recognizable and land a first impression that has your dream clients connecting with you before they ever talk to you. That’s a recipe for having people reach out to you. But why? We’re visual beings + process images faster than words. 

This post is a step-by-step guide for creating a Brand Identity that is a client-attracting asset for your coaching business. 

Step 1: Get clarity on how you want people to feel when interacting with you/our business.

To do that:  

  1. Understand what your philosophy is and why it’s important to you  
  2. Who your people are
  3. What role you play in their life 
  4. The difference you provide + how it benefits your people
  5. Your brand personality 

Step 2: Create a moodboard that paints a clear picture of how all of that should look

Make sure that this captures the overall vibe of the brand you want to create and is a visual blueprint for how the brand identity should look. It helps to place an image of your ideal client right on the board; after all, that’s who you’re creating this for. You’ll want to adjust colors as needed to everything on the board is cohesive. And last but not least, do your due diligence and make sure you are not looking like the competition. 

Moodboard example - Top right shows a text-only mockup of a logo with an image representing the ideal client beneath

Step 3: Develop branding elements and a guide for how it all interacts. 

Branding elements you’ll want to create: 

  • Logo + variations
  • Marks
  • Pattern and/or Texture
  • Graphic elements (such as icon system)
  • Font system
  • Color palette + usage
  • Photography style

Then you’ll need to define how all of your elements come together. Which colors are primary vs. accents? Any special font treatment? Are there any ways logos and graphics should not be used? Be clear on how all of your brand elements should be used, so it’s repeatable. 

Step 4: Implement this system consistently everywhere

This step is CRUCIAL. You become remembered and top of mind when people see the same visuals over and over again in the same way. Consistency is your best friend for getting this done and often the missing piece to a brand identity that helps you get clients.

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