How to attract aligned clients

So you have clients but they kinda suck. But you can’t say that out-loud bc at least they’re paying you…

Ok “suck” is a bit harsh.

But just because they are paying you doesn’t mean they are the kind of clients you want to have coming to you on repeat

This post is for you if your clients:

  • Pay late all the time (or don’t pay)
  • Only show up when there’s a problem, don’t take full advantage of the container, and wonder why they’re stuck.
  • Aren’t implementing what you give them but keep coming to you with the same problems over and over and over again
  • And if you’re ready for bigger conversations

Before we dive in on how to change this, let's get clear on the things that DON’T make clients suck:

  • Investing in low ticket or only showing up to your free things (celebrate the people that are showing up for themselves at the level that works for them)
  • Clients who always use payment plans + pay on time
  • Clients who only ask “how to” questions (that may make sense for the level they are at! Plus its an invitation for you to show them how the relationship can grow)

OK, so how can you start calling in those high-level dreamy AF soul-aligned clients then?

It’s time to clean some shit up

  1. Get clear on your definition of a high-level dreamy AF soul-aligned client (gotta know what you’re looking for in the first place 😉)
  2. Get brutally honest with yourself:
    - Are you even that kind of client?
    - What needs to be cleaned up so that your frequency is a match for what you want to attract?
  3. Clean up boundaries:
    - Are you letting people pay late? Or show up late? Or always grab a sale after it already ended?
    - Are you answering endless coaching questions in the DMs?
    - How can you give your current clients some much needed tough love around the questions they are asking, how they are implementing, + how they are showing up for the container?
  4. Create the right spaces:
    - If you want to have bigger conversations, are you creating offers that even allow that to happen?
    - How can you adjust your current offers to fit the season someone is in? (again beginner + low ticket can 100% be a high-level client)

And don’t forget, be brave enough to let go of unaligned clients to make room for a better fit

REAL TALK - If I hadn’t let go of one of my first clients I wouldn’t have been able to attract clients who pay me 5k+ without objections

I wouldn’t have been able to launch my first group program and have 5 people join

And I wouldn’t have a business I love

Be bold and claim what you actually want for your business ❤️🔥

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