Can You be a Multi-passionate Coach? (Logan Paul Case Study)

We are all multi-passionate human beings. But should you let all of these sides show in your coaching business? The short answer….yes. The secret is in defining your brand to allow for flexibility and expansion. There needs to be a connecting storyline (or you’ll need to rebrand which is a different discussion). Let’s take a look at Logan Paul.  

The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight will go down as one of the most successful pay-per-view fights of 2021. How does an Internet personality become a must-watch boxer? Branding.

Whatever you think about Logan, he has mastered his personal brand. It’s not so much about what he does, it’s about how he does it. He’s clearly defined how he operates and what matters to him - making noise and being entertaining.

Giving definition to who he is has allowed him to take his career in such different directions.

Now as a coach, I’m not saying you should be creating a brand that will allow you to completely change careers. However, when building a strong personal brand it’s important to go beyond “just show up and be yourself”. Take the time to clearly define your beliefs and what matters to you. This definition will open up more possibilities. People will know what to expect from you and it actually leads to more creative thinking.

Don’t be afraid to embrace being multi-faceted. You have the power to shape your brand and ensure it grows with your business. Defining the core of your brand will empower you to do just that. 

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