Branding vs. Marketing: Why You Need Both as a Coach

Branding and Marketing. Do you need both, and how do these fit into your coaching business!? There is quite a bit of overlap between the two, and both have developed beyond their traditional definitions in recent years. Marketing was once solely pushing and advertising. Today, it is much closer to branding’s goal, which is to create more human-like connections with businesses. Where branding used to sit under marketing departments, it has now shifted to be the bigger umbrella under which marketing falls. So, if you’ve ever felt confused, don’t worry - I’ll break down how these work in partnership so your coaching business can truly thrive.

First, let’s look at what a Brand is. A brand is like your reputation. It’s the gut feeling someone gets from interacting with your business (or anything associated with it). Branding, therefore, is your tool to help influence and shape what the brand experience is. It provides internal and external clarity and is a guide for your business. 

Marketing is a set of tools you have to go out and share your brand and message with the world. It builds on the branding foundation to expand the brand’s reach. This can be in the form of campaigns, social media, podcasts, and more. 

When both are done correctly, these giants work together to build your business and allow it to thrive. If your branding is blah or inconsistent, people won’t stay, and your marketing will feel false. If you don’t have marketing, no one will find your brand. 

You need to be creating an ecosystem for these two elements to work together. First, your branding will guide your marketing. Second, your marketing will share your brand. And finally, your branding will reinforce your marketing, so customers keep coming back. When you create this relationship, you’ll find yourself with consistent coaching clients.

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