6 Content Mistakes that Keep Coaches from Attracting Clients

Content creation is a tool that allows you to make sales by sharing your insights and showing up authentically. Unfortunately, it can be confusing with all of the noise out there. Here are the 6 content mistakes to avoid if you want to start attracting clients. 

  1. Sharing other people’s thoughts instead of your own - this is a fastrack to the friendzone. It can be easy to share an inspirational quote from someone famous or repost someone, but these say nothing about who you are or what you do. Let your audience be inspired by you and your stories (not some dead white guy)

  1. Hiding behind basic education content - own the shit out of the way you teach! Give people a reason to keep coming back to you. Make your educational content so actionable that someone could get results from it. This doesn’t devalue your paid services. It will make people think, “holy shit if that’s what she’s sharing for free, I can only imagine how powerful working with her will be”

  1. Overexplain features or details and overselling - you want to activate your audience, not explain them to death. People aren’t buying based on how many calls are included or what messaging platform you’re using. This is your chance to overcome objections, show them what’s possible when they step out of fear, and what will happen if they don’t make a change. Invite them into the beautiful transformation that’s waiting for them - you don’t need to constantly say “link in bio” to do that. 

  1. Focus on what others are creating instead of leaning into your own voice - and this is why you should break up with your content calendar. Content strategy + content calendar are NOT the same. Relying on a boring content calendar will burn you out and leave your audience uninterested in what you are sharing. Lean into your voice. That’s what your people are craving.

  1. Trying to be perfect and only sharing the perfectly curated version of your story - last time I checked, your life didn’t stop at “happily ever after.”  Sharing your transformational journey to starting your business is powerful, but it’s not the only story you should be sharing. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable with your audience and talk about the ups and downs - just show them how to navigate them. Remember, you’re human. Your audience is seeking real, not perfect. 

  1. Relying on mass DMs as the only way to get clients - if you wait until you’re DMing people to sell, you’ll be talking to an ice-cold audience. Your content is how you build know, like, and trust. It’s how you will get people bought in before they ever talk to you and will help to back up the conversations you’re having. 

When you avoid these mistakes, you’ll start creating content that empowers your people to believe and trust in themselves. You’ll be guiding them on how you want them to buy and show them what is possible for them.

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