5 Ways for Coaches to Stand Out from the Competition

You’ve taken the courses, gotten the proper certifications, and are ready to start building the coaching business you always dreamed of. The only problem is you’re not sure how to actually start attracting those dream clients. There are 1000s of coaches out there but only one you - this is true but not a path forward for getting noticed and building your business. Utilize these 5 methods to get heard above the noise and start working with dreamy coaching clients consistently:

1. Unique Values: 

Values are a great way to connect with your audience. Take things to the next level by going beyond the basics of “honesty” and “Integrity.” Instead, expand on what those values mean to you and put your twist on it. 

2. Brand story

This isn’t your “why” or how you got started. Instead, tell the story of your ideal client’s journey to finding you and your role in their life. Use this as a framework for communication. Highlight the transformation and remember they’re the hero. 

3. Graphic Design

We’re bombarded with marketing messages all day. Design lets you break through the noise and get noticed. Don’t waste it by copying the competition or using designs that aren’t as unique as you. 

4. Distinct Language

I’m not talking about industry jargon. What are the specific, unique words or phrases you can use throughout your messaging? Develop a vocab list for your brand

5. Defined Difference

Saying “There’s no one like me” is not a differentiation strategy. Instead, review your competition, find gaps and strategize how to fill them with your uniqueness. Then clearly define and state the value that difference brings to your dream audience. Finally, lean into the difference - you won’t be for everyone, and that’s a good thing. 

When you stop blending in and start standing out,  you’ll not only magnetize dream clients to you but also keep them coming back for more

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