5 things Every Coach Should Have on their Homepage

A website is an incredible tool for growing your coaching business when set up properly. This goes well beyond having it looks nice. Your website should create an experience for anyone that lands on your page and guide them through actions you’d like them to take. Your homepage is probably the first page someone will land on, so you’ll want to make a first impression that makes it easy for them to say yes to what you do. The five items I’ve shared below are great for giving your homepage a structure that guides a potential visitor. 

  1. I help Statement. When someone lands on your page, they should immediately understand how you can help them - don’t make them guess! This doesn’t have to be written in the traditional “I help x do y by providing z,” but it should simple, to the point, and let someone know if they’ve come to the right place. 

  1. Your Services - You introduced this in your “I Help Statement,” but here is your opportunity to go into a bit more detail about how someone can work with you. This can be a new service you want to showcase or your 2-3 main offerings. Can someone hire you for 1-1 coaching? Are you offering a course? Share a brief overview of their options that link to a separate page with more details. 

  1. Testimonials - Create social proof by sharing previous client’s experiences. If you don’t have any right now, reach out to past clients and ask them to provide you with one.

  1. About Teaser - don’t put your entire story here - a photo and a short paragraph introduction to who you are is enough! When writing your “about” section, make sure it is relatable to your ideal clients and provides information that enhances your messaging. 

  1. Email Collection - An email list is an extremely powerful tool to help you grow your coaching business and cultivate a strong relationship with your clients. Create a downloadable, mini-course, or some other tool to help your audience. You can use this list to send special deals, provide blog updates, or even create a monthly newsletter. There are so many possibilities with an email list, and it’s so important to not just rely on social media platforms to connect with your audience (cue nightmare scenario of Instagram shutting down your account!) 

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