4 content design mistakes costing you money

Your content is a tool to help you attract, connect, and convert. However if your design is bad and people can't read your message...your content isn't going to convert. These are the 4 common content design mistakes to clean up so you can start converting content into clients.

1. Widows + Orphans: These are words that are left hanging all alone, separated from the rest of the content. Sometimes you can use them to your advantage if you want to highlight a word...but as a rule of thumb having this make your text harder to follow.

2. Center-aligned text: Center-aligned text is much harder for your eyes to follow

Keep text Left-Aligned

3. Unclear Font Hierarchy

You want something more like this...

4. Poor color contrast: If there is not enough contrast between the background color and text color it will put a lot of strain on the reader (and they'll most likely keep scrolling past your content)

This one is much better...

Cleaning up these common design mistakes will instantly elevate your content and brand

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