3 Design Hacks to Make Your IG Memorable

You’re spending time creating killer content for your IG, but how do you make sure people know to come to you for it!? You need to be leveraging visual cues to ensure your content is associated with you and remembered. 

1. Brand your Stories + reels: Create a graphic with your color palette to easily keep your stories and reels on brand. 

  • For stories, use the sticker icon and navigate to photos to add your graphic. Then use the eyedropper tool to select the text color. Finally, delete the image before you post. 
  • For Reels, first, have your reel open. Then, go to your photos and copy the image. Next, go back to your reel, and you’ll see a pop-up to “add sticker” (picture below). Click on it to add it. Finally, use the eyedropper tool to select the text color and delete the image before posting. 

2. Logos + marks: Use a logo or mark (smaller version of your logo) on all of your posts and stories. Below is an example of one I use in my text stories

Soloboss Design Co logomark - Boss Up Your Brand

3. Images of you: Have a defined photo styling and stick to it. Also, if you can keep to a color scheme or outfit in your pictures, that will help you become remembered. 

For these to work, you need to be diligently consistent. Don't get distracted by trends or a new illustration style every week. Or even a new color palette every month! If you change things up often, you may end up with cool-looking graphics but no closer to a memorable brand.

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