Ready to attract dream clients and build a business you love?

You and I both know you have a brilliant just need know how to share it + to get in front of the right people.
Boss brand accelerator combines 1-1 support, DFY design, and a mastermind community to give you everything you need to build + market an iconic and profitable brand.

It’s an experience built for break-the-mold entrepreneurs craving an aligned business that ignites their soul, builds legacy, and lets them live life on their terms

from vision to epic reality

Helloooo living in Bali, more time with loved ones, and adventuring all over the world…

That’s the vision I made my reality.

Now I want to help you make yours a reality by building an iconic, sought-after brand.

Seriously...think about what you want your life to look like

X Does it include getting frustrated by hours of cold DM outreach and chasing down unaligned leads?

X Being confused by a business model that someone else told you you should have?

X Feeling overwhelmed with how to position yourself and create converting content so instead of standing out you turn into a cookie-cutter coach?

X Stressing because the clients you do have barely cover your electric bill and you’re starting every month at zero?

Or are you building an aligned business that you are excited about?

✅ Dream clients are coming to you
while you’re living in Italy for the month

✅ You're raising your prices and opening up your DMs to inquiries from aligned leads after attending your favorite workout class

✅ You have reoccurring revenue and can take a stress-free vacation with your family - your business keeps running smoothly and you don't think twice about having your second massage of the week

✅ You have enough cashflow to reinvest in your business because you no longer worry about what you can or can not afford

This isn’t some far-fetched fantasy.
When you ditch the rules and start building things your way that’s exactly what’s possible

I can feel you rolling your eyes and I get it. You’ve already...

Hired the business coach who gave you her strategies for hitting 10k months…and all you got was a biz model you hated that made you want to quit coaching

Downloaded every freebie there is and attended a different masterclass every week. It’s left you scratching your head wondering who to listen to and what to focus on to move the needle

> Joined the group program where you ended up lost because you were just a number and the content was more basic AF fluff you could have just googled.

Hired the VA or Social media strategist who didn’t really understand your vision. You ended up with unaligned clients and a brand that didn’t feel like you.

That’s why Boss Brand Accelerator is NOT another business basics container…

> It’s a container to learn how to identify your undeniable edge and communicate it with the world by building a deep foundation.

> A space to learn alongside others building their business, get questions answered you didn’t even know you had, and accelerate your growth with 1-1 support.

> Leverage proven-strategies to get you visible + sell offers effortlessly (no posting + praying)
> Develop a business model that is the right fit for you and your lifestyle (not the other way around)

> Have a home throughout your entire entrepreneurial journey, not just the length of the container

> It combines strategy, creativity, and mindset to support you in all aspects of building an iconic brand.

So that by the end of this program you:

Are attracting clients through your online presence so you don’t have to spend time cold-dming people or relying on referrals
Have a hot audience of ready-to-buy, dream clients so you can stop chasing unaligned leads + getting ghosted
Are seen as an authority so you can stop getting pitched in the DMs + get out of the friend zone
Stand out + show up confidently online by using your authentic voice and unique visuals that capture your essence

Stop guessing + start attracting with my Vision Framework

During our time together we’ll follow my signature VISION FRAMEWORK to build a business that supports your dream lifestyle. This is the exact framework that has allowed me to attract clients that pay me 5K+ in full, work less hours, and travel all over the world.


Set the foundation for a thriving, sustainable business.
> Gain clarity on who you are and what is important to you
> Discover who you are meant to work with
> Define your secret sauce, unique essence + how you will stand out from the sea of sameness
> Craft clear messaging and storytelling that positions you as the go-to authority + connects with your dream buyers.


Bring your brand to life with an unforgettable presence
> Build an online presence that creates an instant connection with your audience
> Create brand design that captures your unique essence
> Develop an offer suite that highlights your strengths and supports your dream lifestyle
> Map our your client experience to create repeat customers.


Create a repeatable process for attracting dream clients
> Launch your new brand + share your message
> Create content that positions you as an authority, attracts the right buyers, and activates your audience
> Develop a nurture + visibility plan that will grow your brand, build a hot audience, and call in the right buyers,
> Create a sales process + launch process that converts


Grow + scale your brand sustainably
> Use feedback from your audience to further dial in on your messaging
> Innovate on your offers + client experience
> Continue to do personal development to get closer to who you are and remove any “masks” you have

Inside the program

This is a 6 month container that combines done-for-you, 1-1 support, and a group experience. We work through my vision framework at a pace that works best for you, but typically month 1-3 is focused on clarity and developing your custom strategy and month 4-6 we implement your strategy.

3x90 min
onboarding calls
These are not your typical strategy sessions. This is an opportunity for me to get to know you and your business inside and out and develop a strategy that's 100% custom to you.
Private slack channel, 1-1 calls, + Notion portal
Learn the step-by-step strategies, methods, and mindset for building an iconic + profitable brand. Access templates and guides to support you with building a business model that works for you.
Group coaching
During these 60 min hot-seat coaching calls, get questions answered you didn't even realize you had and learn alongside others building their brand.
Brand Design, offer design + Templates
You are brilliant at what you do - you shouldn’t also have to become a master of design. I take care of your brand design and ensure it is a true expression of what makes you unique.
Brand Playbook + Guidelines
At the end of our time together, you'll have a complete brand "playbook" and design guidelines so you can implement your brand strategy confidently.
Access to Slack Community
Have a space to celebrate your wins, connect with other’s and get questions answered in-between coaching calls. This is a space you can come to no matter what stage you’re in - consider it your home.

Fucking cool right?
Let's see if this is the right fit for you though...

This is for:
> The coach or service provider who has had some clients through referrals or sales outreach and is ready to start attracting dream clients instead of chasing unaligned leads

> The person that is passionate about what they do and wants to create a lasting impact, build long-term wealth, and leave behind a legacy.

> Action takers
who are willing to be bold, test, and refine. They are OK with stepping outside their comfort zone to build a sustainable business

Someone who wants personalized support while also having a community to learn from and grow with.

The coach or services provider who wants to stand out, be recognized, and build a memorable brand. They are willing to show up online (even if it isn’t always comfortable or easy)

> The person who believes in providing an experience to their clients.
This NOT is for:
> The person who is starting their business from scratch and isn’t sure what kind of coaching or service they provide.

The person that just wants to make a quick buck and doesn’t really care how it gets done

> The coach or service provider that expects instant results but doesn’t show up for the program or put in the necessary work. 

Someone who wants to build things completely on their own

> The coach or service provider who wants to blend in and learn cookie-cutter strategies. They are OK with hiding behind the scenes.

The person who views her clients as just a number that contributes to her bottom line. 

cool cool what’s it actually like to work with me!?

Trauma Informed Coach + Mentor
"When I  came to Sara I was ready to quit my business, honestly. I had lost the excitement I had when I started and kept hearing “I don’t know what it is you do”. After just 2 calls I started to get the clarity I needed and was feeling excited about my business again. People finally started to respond to my content and ask about working together. It was exactly what I needed.”
Chakra reader +  Personal Development Coach
"Before I worked with Sara on my brand I felt helpless and lost - I was ready to give up. Now, I have a clear strategy to make my vision happen and know exactly how to show up online. Literally priceless stuff"
Liz Fagen
Trauma Informed Coach + Mentor
Working with Sara helped me get clear and specific about who I want to call in for my programs and how I can better position myself to attract them. My mind is blown

Investment + Application

Boss Brand Accelerator is an intimate container with max 5 people at a time. Because it is such a close group, I like to get to know you a bit to make sure it's going to be a good fit.

The waitlist is now open. When you hop on, you'll save $500 if you join BBA! Fill out the information below and we can chat to see if BBA is the right fit for you.

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who TF am I to support you?

I’m Sara -  brand strategist and creative partner, award winning communications specialist, digital nomad, and owner of Soloboss Design Co.

For the past 2 years I’ve worked with multi-millionaires, 6-figure entrepreneurs, and new coaches who have yet to sign a client to build icon + profitable brands.

Now I’m bringing you the same strategies that have helped me attract multi-5 figure clients and live my dream of traveling the world through this program. I’m obsessed with it and so stoked to support you with turning your vision into your reality.


Do I have to want to travel?
What if I already have branding?
how much 1-1 access is there?
Can I get additional DFY services